web & mobile

Cock & Bowl website photo

A redesign of Cock & Bowl Belgian Restarurant, located in Occoquan, Va. A small quaint eatery, highly regarded for its vast array of craft beers and delicious authentic Belgian dishes. The site was aesthetically redone to suit it’s younger, yet novel patrons. Enfused with Belgium’s national colors, the sites Parallax scroll makes for an enjoyable and unique experience.

Farmer's Market mobile site photo

Farmer’s Pick provides local farmer’s market enthusiasts with the ability to locate a nearby market. The website efficiently organizes all farmer’s markets in the Washington Metropolitan area with up to the minute information on locations, vendors, and merchandise. A simple wayfinding solution is implemented through icons, properly locating any market through the respective state, county, city, as well as vendors. Returning customers are also given the option to use the sites shopping feature and pre-order items from any of the participating sites.

Fairfax Surf Shop website photo

Located in the heart of downtown Fairfax, this iconic surf shop has been the home to many local surf and skate enthusiasts. The website has been given a modern facelift through the use of striking visual photography, elegant typography, and a clear brand identity. The website is accompanied with its responsive mobile site, giving customers more accessibility while also maintaining uniformity among varying platforms.

Phoenix Bikes mobile app photo

A non-profit organization located in Barcroft Park, Arlington, Va, Phoenix Bikes has trained hundreds of local youths with bike building and maintenance skills. A unique native mobile app was designed for Phoenix that allow users to donate, purchase, and share with the organization. The app presents a vibrant and colorful approach that incorporates gestural navigation, as well as synchronization with a google glass app.